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Quality Property Care Ltd. is a well-known exert household and commercial gardening company in North Ockendon RM14 that have nearly 9 years of know-how in all gardening associated jobs. Quality Property Care Ltd. in North Ockendon RM14 works efficiently and maintaining the elegance of your garden regardless if trimming hedges or carrying out lawn maintenance. Take pleasure in our service, call today and get quality:

  • Gardening Services London Quality Property Care Ltd.Tree surgery
  • Garden design and maintenance
  • Landscape gardening
  • Close interaction with the client
  • We maintain your vision and expectations

For a fair rate you can get extensive garden maintenance and care on the standard, not having deposits or any strings attached. Dial 020 3746 4287 and ask for our professional gardeners in North Ockendon RM14, we operate efficiently with all of the finest instruments accessible.

Gardening Services Prices

Garden ServicesPrices
Garden design per project, a subject of discussion
Tree care from £105
Garden maintenance £36/hour for a team of 2 gardeners*

*Minimum we charge is £49 for a team of 2 gardeners for the 1st hour. £36 for every subsequent hour.

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Professional Lawn Mowing and Care North Ockendon RM14

The ivy is a moving plant that uses the already proven stem of plant life all over it. Ivies have been recognized to choke out trees by utilizing their bark as a ladder, reaching the top and ingesting all of the light. To protect against that we clear away some or all of the ivy plants in your garden, depending on your particular preference. As ivy can be used for decoration of wall space and houses, we can commence that process. Nonetheless, special arrangements need to be made. Ivies affix themselves to areas with little hook-like growths which pierce into the brick and mortar work, this can induce deterioration to your residence.

Landscaping, Patio Cleaning, Tree surgeons North Ockendon RM14

That includes removing of excess plants from lawns and flower and garden sections. Weeds are an unwanted form of plant life which is more productive than flowers and some types of lawn grasses. They compete together with garden plants for resources, water and natural light, this tends to make them hazardous to small plants which means they will have to be taken out. Not just do they take the place of the ideal plans, but may also damage indoor plants and your real estate. By eliminating weeds we can assure a healthier, tidy looking garden with blossoming patches of blooms and lawn. We eliminate weeds either by hand or with the usage of a particular chemical that attacks the green pigmentation in the plants and weeds leafs, drying them out from within totally. They are then taken away along with any kind of seeds they might have dropped. This keeps them from spreading or highly minimizes the probability of additional weed contagion.

Garden Design and Maintenance in North Ockendon RM14

That is the most general of all of the solutions we provide for North Ockendon RM14. In it we include everything from lawn trimming, to hedge maintenance, tree surgery, weeding & planting, watering, cleaning, lawn mowing and lawn care, weeding and weed removal, tree and ivy trimming from 9 to 12 feet in height also tree or ivy removing from 9 to 12 feet in height. Regarding grass we can do the reseeding, patching, fertilizing, watering and edging, maintaining your yard in perfect condition or making your patchy lawn into a prize winning, lavish grassed land. We too do garden clearance as well as leaf clearance, we pick up and dispose of up to 180lbs of garden waste free of charge, for larger piles we demand extra as the fees are higher. This service is available, making it possible for you to book our professional gardeners at any time. We aim at providing you with a more alluring property, with healthy flowers, trees and other plant life along with professionally serviced lawns, hedges and specially trimmed ivies. When on location our gardeners enter via the side door as to minimize the exposure of your house. If an access though your house is required they would use overalls and overshoes as to prevent any dirt from coming into the house. They work effectively and closely with you to make certain you obtain what you have paid for.

Pro Gardening and Tree Surgery North Ockendon RM14

As expert gardening firm our professionals can certainly maintain a well manicured garden, with all devices delivered by our team. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll dispatch to you a surveyor, he’ll meet you so he can examine your property and consult with you about your suggestions and vision of just how your garden should look. Based on this, we can provide you an estimate of how long will it take us as well as how many hours you’ll have to reserve. In the service we include things like tree surgery, de-liming, hedge trimming and care, watering, weeding, ivy removal, lawn maintenance and care, planting of roses, hedges,trees, flowers, orchard maintenance, pruning, pest control, garden junk removal - up to 180lb of backyard waste totally free of charge!

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