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Quality Property Care Ltd. is a well-known exert household and commercial gardening company in Longford UB7 that have almost 9 years of know-how in all gardening associated tasks. Quality Property Care Ltd. in Longford UB7 works efficiently and preserving the splendor of your garden whether trimming hedges or performing lawn care. Take pleasure in our service, call right now and get top quality:

  • Gardening Services London Quality Property Care Ltd.Tree surgery
  • Garden maintenance & design
  • Landscaping design
  • Close interaction with the client
  • We preserve your vision and expectations

For a fair price you can receive extensive garden maintenance and care on the regular, without deposits or any strings attached. Dial 020 3746 4287 and demand our professional gardeners in Longford UB7, we perform effectively with all of the greatest tools available to us.

Gardening Services Prices

Garden ServicesPrices
Garden design per project, a subject of discussion
Tree care from £105
Garden maintenance £36/hour for a team of 2 gardeners*

*Minimum we charge is £49 for a team of 2 gardeners for the 1st hour. £36 for every subsequent hour.

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Maintenance & Garden Design Longford UB7

That is the most standard of all of the solutions we provide for Longford UB7. In it we include all kinds of things from lawn cutting, to hedge care, tree surgery, planting and weeding, watering, cleaning, lawn care & mowing, weeding and weed removal, tree and ivy trimming from 9 to 12 feet in height and also ivy or tree removal from 9 to 12 feet in height. Concerning grass we can do the reseeding, patching, fertilizing, watering and edging, sustaining your lawn in excellent condition or turning your patchy lawn into a prize winning, luxurious grassed area. We furthermore do garden clearance as well as leaf clearance, we pick up and remove of up to 180lbs of garden waste free of charge, for bigger loads we demand extra as the fees are greater. That service is accessible, allowing you to reserve our expert gardeners at any time. We work towards providing you with a more appealing home, with healthy flowers, trees and other plant life together with professionally maintained lawns, hedges and especially clipped ivies. When on location our gardeners enter thru the side door as to decrease the exposure of your house. If an entrance though your house is needed they would wear overalls and overshoes as to keep any grime from coming into the house. They work efficiently and closely with you to guarantee you get what you have called us for.

Expert Lawn Mowing and Care Longford UB7

That is a service appropriate for neglected gardens that require a more substantial machines to get rid of overgrown plants, remove weeds, trim the grass, de-grass spots, de-limb trees as so on. It is also ideal for customers who are looking to remove already accumulated grass trimmings, plants, limbs, hedges and so on. We can easily take away up to 180lb of weight free of charge, nonetheless, extra cost will be included for greater quantities as the disposal of larger amounts costs more.

Landscaping, Patio Cleaning, Tree surgeons Longford UB7

That involves removal of unwanted vegetation from lawns and flower and garden areas. Weeds are an unhealthy form of plant life which is more abundant than flowers and some sorts of lawn grasses. They compete with garden plant life for resources, water and sunlight, that can make them hazardous to young plants meaning they must be removed. Not only do they take the place of the preferred plans, but may also ruin indoor plants and your real estate. By removing weeds we can guarantee a healthier, neat looking garden with blossoming patches of flowers and lawn. We remove weeds either by hand or with the usage of a specific chemical which attacks the green pigmentation in the plants and leafs of weeds, drying them out from within completely. They are then taken away together with any kind of seeds they might have dropped. This keeps them from spreading or highly reduces the possibility of additional weed contaminations.

Expert Gardening and Tree Surgery Longford UB7

No matter if you don't have time, or your garden hasn't been touched and maintained for years, the skilled and motivated gardeners can come to assist you right away. All homeowners, tenants and property owners are welcomed to order the quick, secured, environmentally friendly and efficient garden design and maintenance in Longford UB7. Our reliable garden service company Quality Property Care Ltd.guarantee you total customer support and perfect final outcome. Call the home gardeners Longford and get the perfect offer for your home exterior.

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Gardening Services London Quality Property Care Ltd.The professional gardeners in Longford UB7 are readily available for your requests! Reach to us on 020 3746 4287! Make a booking for our expert services and leave your garden in safe hands. Receive a free quote today or use the direct online booking form!