Weaste M5 Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Company

Quality Property Care Ltd. is providing all Weaste M5 clientele a professional end of lease and end of tenancy cleaning service. As a expert cleaning company in Weaste M5 we can assure the satisfaction of both renters and landlords, cleaning completely your premises. We deliver a hassle-free post tenancy cleaning, no upfront payments or contracts required. Contact us now and get:

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning Services London Quality Property Care Ltd.Deposit back cleaning
  • Full premises cleaning
  • Night time and early morning sessions
  • Private account manager
  • No concealed fees

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Prices

Property typePrices excluding carpet cleaningPrices including carpet cleaning
3 Bedroom £ 195 £ 274
2 Bedroom £ 149 £ 215
1 Bedroom £ 128 £ 173
Studio flat £ 94 £ 131

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Pro Post Tenancy Cleaning Company Weaste M5

In the bathroom we clean taps and fittings, remove all lime scale and clean, the soap dispenser is cleaned out, the radiator and towel racks are too cleaned and left to dry. The shower screen and tiles are cleaned completely, the bath tub and rest room, bidet and shower cubicle are washed pristine, then wiped dry to avoid mold development, all limescale is removed and the tiles are scrubbed clean and then dried out with a dry cloth or paper.

Bond Back Cleaning Service Weaste M5

You might give us your individual guidelines or to add much more chores in addition to these standard post tenancy cleaning tasks:

  • Eliminate all dirt, mildew, and food deposits, Dusting and stain removal
  • De-scaling and de-liming, Home furniture - thoroughly clean inside and out, Tidying upl
  • Cleaning house windows from the inside + from the outside, if neededl
  • Moving furniture for much better access to all edges, Wash the worktopsl
  • Floors cleaning, polishing, Steaming and vacuum-cleaning, Emptying waste disposalsl
  • Washing the home furniture and the carpets and rugs, Airing the property, bad scent removall

Move In and Out Cleaning Service Weaste M5

Starting with the pantry shelves and storage we clean in and out, clean the holders, clean markings and around handles, throw away unnecessary things, dust the garbage bin, clean up on top and under it, clean the cleansing soap dispenser inside and out. Any sort of unneeded stuff are either thrown away or are or grouped together and left in a shelter or given to a home in need, if that is just what the client chooses. The drain we clean and descale, then it is easily wiped clear and dry. Any food leftoevers is cleaned away thrown out, dirt and dust around the sunk is removed and wiped off. The sink is cleared and the wall tiles all around it are wiped clean and dry. For kitchen appliances like fridges and freezers we currently have a special treatment which removes grime, mildew and food deposits, the grips are wiped down, the rubber seal is cleaned so is the top of the fridge. The freezer cooler is defrosted and cleaned out in and out, the door holders are also washed to remove sticky residues that might have been left by the renter. The dishwasher is cleaned thoroughly as well, all muck, mould and deposits are eliminated from it, filter systems are washed as is the soap dispenser. The washing machine is cleaned inside and out, its seal is inspected and a cleaning up program is used to clean it effectively, after which it is dried by using a soft towel.

Professional End of Lease Cleaning Company Weaste M5

Kitchen equipment like microwaves, stoves, toasters and so on are cleaned completely as well, each done properly and with intent to do a high-quality job. The stove is cleaned, degreased with its range, hob and barbeque grill property handled, the grill pan and oven racks are cleaned, the inner top of the oven gets a special treatment, the rubber seal is wiped and cleaned out and we move the range to clean behind it if needed. The microwave is leaned interiorly and out, and also on the top, any chemical substances used to clean and eliminate food deposits is wiped away and wholly rinsed, the rubber seal is inspected and the range is clean on top and under. We won’t ignore even the tiniest of details, your toaster is cleaned out from any leftover crumbs, its wiped clean if needed.

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