Frequently Asked Questions Quality Property Care Ltd.

Q: Does the company guarantee that every single stain will be removed.

A:While the carpet cleaning company strives to remove any type of stain from any type of carpet, there cannot be 100% guaranty that some very old or stubborn stains will be removed. The company works with the latest, professional and highly efficient cleaning tools and equipment, which can handle the majority of stains on any kind of carpet, but the guarantees for stain removal given, depends on the condition and level of dirtiness of your carpet.


Q: How long does it take for a washed carpet to dry?

A:It depends on the material it is made of, but in general it takes about 3 hours for a cleaned carpet to completely dry off after the deep cleaning. If the windows are opened it should take less time. During the water extraction process, more than 95% of the water used to rinse the carpet is extracted, so drying is relatively fast. If the customer requests it, an air mover system can be used to speed up the drying process. For carpets which have been treated with Scotchgard, the drying time is longer (about 4-5 hours).


Q: Do I need to remove all furniture from the carpet before the cleaning?

A:The cleaners will move smaller furniture, but they can’t move wardrobes, beds and other larger pieces of furniture. If you can, you can move large furniture off of the carpet, otherwise, the cleaning technicians will place protective covers on furniture legs, to protect them during the cleaning.


Q: My 7 year old son has asthma, are the chemicals used for cleaning my carpet safe for him?

A:The carpet cleaning company works in accordance to the safety standard procedures. The cleaning solutions used are tested and are all safe for humans, animals and the environment. Even though the cleaning process is safe, you should probably arrange that your son is not at home or around the room where the carpet is being cleaned.


Q: I have a brand new stain on my rug, should I do something about it before your cleaning team comes?

A:Don’t worry about the stain. The cleaning team will come with the cleaning tools and detergents needed to treat just about any stain. You can blot any excess liquid off the stain, but don’t rub it. Just blot with a clean damp cloth or paper towels.


Q: How often do I need to deep clean my carpets and rugs, to ensure a safe and healthy environment?

A:It depends on the type of carpet, as well as on whether you have pets, toddlers or people with dust allergies and asthma at home. If you have neither, one deep cleaning per year is OK. For the others, a professional deep cleaning is recommended at least once in every 6 months.


Q: Do I need to prepare or do a pre-treatment of the carpet before the carpet cleaning procedure?

A:Not really. You can remove some of the heavier furniture off it, and hoover the carpet before the carpet cleaners arrive. They will also hoover it with a professional, powerful vacuum cleaner.


Q: Can I place my furniture back on the cleaned carpet right after the procedure?

A:You must wait until the carpet is completely dry before you step on it or place the furniture back on top of it, because this may cause damage the fibres of your carpet.


Q: Certain stains which were treated before my last carpet cleaning are still slightly visible, is it possible for your cleaners to treat them once more?

A:Of course. Before the cleaners proceed to clean the carpet or rug, they perform a thorough inspection of the condition and type of your carpet, as well as of all stains and other damage to it. The stains are all pre-treated with the designated stain treatment products and tools before the cleaners proceed to deep cleaning the entire carpet.


Q: What types of deep carpet cleaning do you offer? Do you clean delicate and expensive rugs too?

A:The Company offers professional deep steam and water extraction cleaning which is suitable for synthetic and other common types of carpets. The dry cleaning is reserved for rugs and carpets made of natural materials, and which can shrink, change their shape or their colours can be ruined by water based cleaning methods. We can handle delicate rugs as well. Our cleaning services are fully insured.


Q: Can I trust your carpet cleaners with being in my home with all belongings in it?

A:All our cleaners are very carefully vetted, and hired upon a number of recommendations and other requirements. The company guarantees that the carpet cleaners can be trusted and are all friendly and helpful.


Q: My family is a strong supporter of green living. Are your carpet cleaning products environmentally friendly?

A:All cleaning products and solutions we use are natural, certified and safe. This means that they are safe for people, pets and for the environment as well.


Q: I have 2 dogs, is the procedure harmful for pets?

A: All carpet cleaning products used are certified and 100% safe for pets, people and for the environment. Still, your pets or you should keep off the carpet until it dries completely, because you can soil it if it is still wet and you walk on it.


Q: I prefer that you come and clean my carpets on a Sunday, because it is my only free day. Is this possible?

A: Our Company offers its professional carpet cleaning services 365 days a year. Weekends and bank holidays can be booked with no extra charge. The cleaning services have flexible hours for added convenience for the customers.


Q: I can feel a nasty odour coming from my rug, can you remove the odour completely?

A: The deep carpet cleaning will remove all residues, kill bacteria and remove the source of the odour if it is really in the rug. The company can offer additional deodorising, upon request.


Q: Do you have a customer care service, which I can contact for further questions?

A: The Company has reliable and friendly customer care service operators, who are available for you. You can call them at 020 3746 4287 or contact them via the online contact form at any time or day.


Q: Do you offer other cleaning services?

A: Yes, the company offers a wide variety of cleaning services, which you can book together with your carpet cleaning service, such as: upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, bed bug treatment, one off cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and a number of other professional cleaning services. You will get big discounts if you choose to book more than one cleaning service at once.