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Quality Property Care Ltd. is offering all Crouch End N4 customers a professional end of lease and end of tenancy cleaning service. As a expert cleaning company in Crouch End N4 we can assure the satisfaction of both tenant and landlords, cleaning completely your property. We deliver a hassle-free post tenancy cleaning, no upfront payments or contracts required. Contact us now and get:

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning Services London Quality Property Care Ltd.Deposit back cleaning
  • Complete premises cleaning
  • Evening and early morning sessions
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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Prices

Property typePrices excluding carpet cleaningPrices including carpet cleaning
3 Bedroom £ 195 £ 274
2 Bedroom £ 149 £ 215
1 Bedroom £ 128 £ 173
Studio flat £ 94 £ 131

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Pro End of Lease Cleaning Company Crouch End N4

If you have never used the services of an experienced lease cleaning company, we will now explain to you what to anticipate and how to prepare yourself. Be aware that end of tenancy cleaning service Crouch End N4 from Quality Property Care Ltd. is needed when tenants are moving of a property they have bean leasing. If the depuration is not full or with omissions, as a renter you may lose your tenancy deposit back. This is why it is usually more beneficial, guaranteed and low-priced to use professional post tenancy cleaning services. Please, note that, note that this list of cleaning chores is not all inclusive. You can include as many directions and special requirements to it as you need. Speak to to the professional end of tenancy cleaners about your additional needs and inquiries.

Expert Post Tenancy Cleaning Company Crouch End N4

Identified as a deep and extensive purge, move in and out tenancy cleaning calls for sturdy efforts, great sanitizing skills and in depth inspection for discolorations, microbes and dirt. Until the whole grime is out, none of the hard-working Quality Property Care Ltd. end of tenancy cleaners Crouch End N4 will leave your property. Our reputable post tenancy cleaning company possesses the perfect formula for good results: revolutionary cleaning techniques + unique approach to each and every customer. Please note that in case of an omission, our end of tenancy cleaning company Crouch End N4 can provide a guarantee. Call us in just 48 hours and we are going to re-clean your house for free, if you or the landlord, real estate agency are not satisfied with the final outcome.

Move Out and In Cleaning Service Crouch End N4

Starting with the cupboards and compartments we thoroughly clean in and out, clean the handles, clean scars and around handles, throw away unwanted things, dust the rubbish bin, clean up on top and underneath it, clean the cleaning soap dispenser in and out. Any kind of unneeded things are either thrown away or are or packed and left in a pound or donated to a household in need, if that is what the client chooses. The drain we clean up and descale, then it is wiped clean and dried. Any food is cleaned away thrown out, dirt and airborne dust around the sunk is eliminated and wiped down. The sink is drained and the wall tiles around it are wiped clean and dry. For appliances like fridges and freezers we have a particular treatment that eliminates grime, mildew and food deposits, the handles are wiped down, the rubber seal is cleaned out as well as is the top of the refrigerator. The freezer is defrosted and cleaned out in and out, the door grips are also cleaned to remove gross residues that may have been left by the tenant. The dishwasher is cleaned thoroughly as well, all muck, mildew and deposits are removed from it, filter systems are cleaned as is the soap dispenser. The washing machine is cleaned in and out, its seal is examined and a cleaning program is used to clean it properly, after which it is dried up with a soft towel.

Deposit Back Cleaning Service Crouch End N4

All these are some of the principal points of cleaning included in the end of tenancy cleaning checklist:

  • Cleaning up throughout the master bedrooms - dusting, cleansing, removing cobwebs absolutely everything
  • Shelves & drawers - cleaning them out, wiping, Carpet vacuuming and steam cleaning (if required)
  • Hard floor cleaning, Profound bathroom cleaning - everything, such as fans, pipe joints and so on
  • Kitchen drawers and storage - cleansing out, cleaning outside and inside and handles
  • Kitchen equipment - refrigerator, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, stove, toaster - clean inside and out, degrease, and getting rid of any residue.

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