Professional Maintenance & Garden Design Services Litherland L21

For a expertly maintained, flawless garden contact Quality Property Care Ltd. a staple in the Litherland L21 horticulture community and renowned for its professionalism and final results. We’ve been working with Litherland L21 home and commercial clients and their back yards for more than 9 years and we are sure we could help you as well. Our company hopes that you appreciate our:

  • Gardening Services London Quality Property Care Ltd.Friendly client support
  • Regular or one time gardening
  • Reasonable rates, no hidden fees
  • Specialist botanists and gardeners
  • Full satisfaction guarantee

The know-how we’ve acquired allows us to appropriately assist you, to get an expert gardeners in Litherland L21, call 0151 673 0008 and make an appointment with us today. Every single month we have exclusive offers on gardening prices, be sure to check back with us frequently to get your next great gardening deal.

Gardening Services Prices

Garden ServicesPrices
Garden design per project, a subject of discussion
Tree care from £105
Garden maintenance £36/hour for a team of 2 gardeners*

*Minimum we charge is £49 for a team of 2 gardeners for the 1st hour. £36 for every subsequent hour.

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Tree surgeons, Landscaping, Patio Cleaning Litherland L21

Our reputable gardening company in Litherland L21 has developed a system for rapid instruction and powerful using the services of of professional gardeners. That is the reason why we can boast with a top-notched and trustworthy professional gardeners. They don`t only design your backyard, but will furthermore keep it neat and clean. The expert gardening service also involves fast garden clearance. We take away:

  • Healthier plants, overgrown lawns
  • Flowers, Weeds, Grass cuttings, Hedge clippings
  • Up to 180 l of green leftovers is taken out for free
  • Twigs, small branches, animal bedding and straw vegetation
  • We apply specifically tailored products like effective weed killer

Pro Lawn Mowing and Care Litherland L21

This is a service ideal for abandoned gardens which will need a heavier equipment to eliminate overgrown plant life, remove weeds, cut the grass, de-grass spots, de-limb trees as so forth. It is furthermore suitable for clients who are looking to remove already accumulated grass trimmings, plants, limbs, hedges and so on. We can take away up to 180lb of weight free of charge, nevertheless, supplemental cost will be included for greater quantities as the removal of bigger amounts costs more.

Pro Gardening and Tree Surgery Litherland L21

As professional gardening provider our professionals can sustain a well groomed garden, with all devices supplied by our staff. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll dispatch to you a surveyor, he’ll meet you so he can check your home as well as consult with you about your ideas and vision of how your garden should look. Based on that, we could provide you an estimate of how long will it take us and also how many hours you’ll need to book. In the service we include tree surgery, de-liming, hedge trimming and care, watering, weeding, ivy removal, lawn maintenance and care, planting of roses, hedges,trees, flowers, orchard maintenance, pruning, pest control, garden junk removal - up to 180lb of back garden waste free of charge!

Garden Design and Maintenance in Litherland L21

Professional garden design and maintenance service is a contemporary and progressive service we have designed and designed to fulfill all of the needs a busy individual with a vibrant way of life has. Taking care of the garden and trimming the trees are by all means harsh tasks when you have no leisure time. But that is where our reliable garden service company Litherland L21 comes in to help you in a most efficient way. Gardeners Litherland are expert and understanding, so they are flexible enough to meet even the busiest personal or expert schedules. We operate 365 days per year - including holidays and weekends - and we deliver virtually all of these in a regular booking for garden design and maintenance:

  • Landscaping, Tree surgeons
  • Hedge pruning & trimming
  • Tree surgeries, pruning & removal
  • Patio cleanup and freshening up

Have a neat and fresh garden maintained by gifted gardeners in Litherland L21 today!

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Gardening Services London Quality Property Care Ltd.To arrange for an appointment with a team of gardeners, you can phone the client care service at 0151 673 0008 or fill out an online booking request right away. You will receive a written verification almost instantly. Booking our professional gardening services is per hr. The team will appear and give you their evaluation for the hrs they will have to supply you with the requested service. Reserving is possible 365 days a year, and even in bad climatic conditions too. Make your outdoor space lovely and a fantastic spot to spend more time! Book our professional gardening services right now!