Quality Property Care Ltd. Professional Methods and Detergents

Stain Removal Cleaning Products

Solvall Spotter - a very powerful dry cleaning stain removal product which is very successful for removing common spots and stains, including: glues, adhesive substance, oil paints, chewing gum and others.

Stain Pro - an industrial strength water and solvent based, protein stain remover. It is used for removing stains from urine, blood, and other bodily fluids, but can also successfully be applied for stains from beverages, such as: wine, coffee, tea or food stains.

Coffee Stain Remover - a very powerful stain removal product, which works wonders for coffee, beer, tannin, tea stains and water mark, as well as any yellow or brown stains.

Red Rx - this stain removal Prochem product is very efficient for treating red food-based stains, plus any red fruit juice or carbonated drink stains.

Solvex - used to remove nail varnish and paint stains as well as any ink spills

Citrus gel - used for successfully treating and removing oily stains

Rust removal - as the name suggests, this product is perfect for treating and removing any nasty rust stains

Pre-Spray Cleaning Solutions

Trafficlean - a heavy duty pre-spray which can remove stubborn and greasy spots. It is a concentrate with extra water soluble solvents. It is green in colour and has a nice minty aroma.

Multi Pro - a blue liquid solution which is highly efficient for pre-treating heavy traffic areas on carpets and rugs. It removes greasy stains and draught marks and is a great pre-spray before the deep carpet cleaning.

Steam Cleaning Solutions

Liquid defoamer - added to the solution to prevent the production of excessive foaming

Crystal Green - this is the signature carpet shampoo from Prochem, which is widely recognised as an outstanding, non-ionic carpet cleaning solution which can dissolve even stubborn greasy substances.

Double Clean - created especially for very heavily soiled carpets or carpet areas, this detergent has a double cleaning power. Made of anionic, non-ionic surfactants, alkaline builders and a corrosion inhibitor, this carpet washing solution is great for even the dirtiest carpets and rugs.

Protection Solutions

Scotchgard Carpet Protector - a very efficient protection solution, which will help keep the carpets and rugs clean for a longer time, and will protect them from certain common stains too.

Odour Control Solutions - Deodorisers and Neutralising Products

Lemon Refresh - a concentrated deodorising additive which can be added to the cleaning solution leaves a safe, fresh and clean smell after the cleaning is done.

Odour Neutraliser - can safely take care of a wide variety of bad smells by neutralising them.

Cleaning Equipment

The company uses only the latest, safest and highly efficient, eco-friendly cleaning equipment for all the cleaning services it provides. Here are some of the cleaning tools used:

Dry cleaning machines:

The cleaning teams are also equipped with: long additional hoses, extension cords, carpet wand, carpet pile brushes, plastic covers, foils and plastic bags, overshoes and all other necessary tools to clean and protect the carpet.

Environmental and Safety Policy

The company is constantly striving to improve its services and to ensure not only perfect cleaning services but also health and safety for its customers. This is why, the cleaning solutions and products used are constantly assessed and tested for their safety impact and their adherence to all safety, health and environmental standards and regulations. The cleaning products are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable, and are not animal tested.

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